About us

We develop and maintain relations between Switzerland and UK. Our work includes a wide range of issues, including investment, trade, financial cooperation.

We have a public affairs team who can provide a range of information services to the schools, general public, government departments, schools and the media. We have close contact with specific ministries of economic affairs. Bilateral meetings are also offered by the embassy to strengthen relations between the host country and Switzerland.

The Swiss economy is promoted by the embassy in the host country, swiss tourism and exports. It initiates contacts with Swiss business and offers them the right legal advice and general information concerning the economy of the host country. The political and economic situations are carefully monitored by the embassy and interacts developments that are of the interest to Swiss.

Areas such as education, technology, and science are also promoted within the aim of the nourishing cooperation between Swiss and the UK in terms of innovation and research. It also enhances the exchange of ideas between universities and scientific institutions. It also fosters Swiss students in the host country and encourages the privileged students to study in Switzerland.

When it comes to culture, the main focus of the embassy is to promote mutual understanding of its work to execute Swiss cultural policy. It can fortify contacts within relevant Switzerland’s cultural institutions. The embassy also works as an interface between the official representative and the Swiss government with regard to the media in the host country and the national and international media within the nation.