About Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country located in the Central section of Europe and has a population of 7.9 million people. Switzerland is bordered by four countries, Austria, France, Germany and Liechtenstein. It covers 41,284 square kilometers and its temperature keeps varying from cold, cloudy to rainy or snowy winters. Switzerland is comprised of the Alps, Central plateau, and the Jura. Apart from the long list of attractions, the country has diverse and rich cultural background and traditional customs. Switzerland consists of 208 mountains over three thousand meters high and the highest being Monte Rosa is located on the Swiss and Italian border.

The language spoken in Switzerland are German (64%), Italian (7%), French (20%), Romansh (0,5). Zurich being the capital of Switzerland holds 0.1 million populations. Next to the Vatican, Switzerland is the next country to have a square flag. The flag is a red square with a cross in the middle.

Military service

In Switzerland, Military service is compulsory for all male citizens. Under the constitution of the Swiss, male citizens have to serve the army after the age of eighteen, while women can prefer to volunteer.

The Swiss do not use the currency of Euro, it uses the CHF (Swiss Franc). One Swiss Franc was equivalent to 0.92 USD. Swiss are also known as the home of the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Famous Pioneers and investors, including Tim Berners - Lee, the creator of WWW (Word Wide Web ) and Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau are also from Switzerland.