Export promotion and investment protection

Swiss companies are supported by the federal government at home and abroad by encouraging exports and protecting an investment.

The FDFA, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and SECO, State Secretariat for Economic affairs, in conjunction with Swiss embassy and consulates, offers a wide range of services. This has been a target recently for many SMEs (Small and medium-sized businesses).

Approximately 150 Swiss embassies and general consulates provide Swiss and Liechtenstein-based organizations: • Standardized advice and details • An organization service for conducting in trade fairs • Assistance and establishing contact and to access official bodies abroad • Representation of the interests of Swiss organization • Interventions with government authorities

Emerging and traditional markets are supported by Federal in collaboration with Swiss global enterprise, Swiss business hubs that offers plenty of services. These hubs are working currently in China, Great Britain, India, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Canada, China, Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, Turkey, South Africa and the USA , as well as in Gulf cooperation council GCC and in Dubai and Singapore for the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The services provided by these hubs also include: • Advice • Information • Marketing • Arranging introductions to business partners • Enhancing Swiss business location

Investment protection

Swiss small and medium-sized businesses are carrying more and more investment abroad, currently. To the economy of Swiss, including investment protection is very important.

To date, Swiss have conducted over 120 investment protection agreements with countries like Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. These govern: • By the host state, the foreign investment is treated • Transfer of investment earning and other payments • Dispute resolution • Compensation in the expropriation event

In concluding these agreements, Swiss’s objective are to enhance the legal position of investors and to build a favorable to capital investment.