Bilateral relations

Switzerland and the UK have similar relations over many years, the ideas, laws, social and economic orders, basic freedom and proper governance and with a special focus on financial and economic market problems.

For Swiss and the United Kingdom, the decision by half of the United Kingdom voters to leave the EU means that there is plenty of supply which are regulated currently under the law of the EU will have to be bilaterally accepted in future.

Aspects of diplomatic relations

Swiss and the UK have same foreign policy objectives in different international forums, including the OSCE, organization for Security and Co - operation in Europe, the Organization for Economic Co - Operation and Development (OECD) and the council of Europe. On the below-mentioned fields, cooperation has targeted in the last few years.

• Conflict prevention • Measures to build peace • Human security promotions • Stopping death penalty worldwide • Regulation of security organizations and private military • Preventing weapon spread of mass destruction • Preventing sexual violence in conflicts

Economic cooperation

As a trading partner, the Swiss and the UK are considered to be very important and have similar economic ties. For both countries, highest priorities are the open markets and liberal economic system.

The UK was 5th most important export market in the world for the Swiss, approximately 13 billion and the 8th largest source of Swiss’s imports approximately 31 billion, which ranks to the trade volume of CHF 44 billion.